“We are only as strong as our Membership”

Participation & Principles

What is a Housing Co-op?

Keegano’s membership have made a commitment to be a part of this diverse community and to work toward a strong collective future. Our membership is made of families and individuals from all walks of life and all different ethnic, lifestyle, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Keegano functions as a co-op, meaning that as members, we run our housing community. There are no landlords. Instead we work together with our professional paid staff to run the affairs of the co-op and self govern based on our democratically agreed policies and bylaws.

Members participate in various ways throughout our co-op.  Membership requires attendance and participation on at least one committee per household. Members can take part in community projects or arranging a plot in the community garden or by working with one another in creative projects and keeping the co-op clean, healthy and green!



Alternative Housing

Unlike a rental property, where you might pay a landlord, housing co-operatives pay a housing charge. Housing charges are applied to each unit in the co-op and this covers the mortgage, property taxes, maintenance and operating costs. As a not for profit organization, housing charges tend to be lower than the costs of rent in for-profit properties. There are 51 units in Keegano Co-op.

Included in housing charges is heat and hot water. Parking stalls are also available for members, but they are very limited.

Housing Charge Subsidies

  • not available at this time