Founded in 1973

Keegano was founded in 1973, making it one of Edmonton’s oldest housing co-ops. Its name is a derivative of the Cree word meaning “our home,” and it represents Keegano’s commitment to a stable community of long-term residents who see it as a place of acceptance, belonging and comfort.

Keegano is made up of 50 attached townhouses ranging from two bedrooms to five bedrooms. Most are two-story, with two one-story units for those with certain accessibility concerns. Unlike other attached townhouses, Keegano was designed with maximum privacy in mind, with minimal shared wall space and private outdoor areas. In fact, its design is so innovative that it received a major city design and landscaping award!

Also unique to Keegano is its centralized community hall, which all members are able to book for private events, free of charge. The co-op also backs onto a 166′ wide landscape walkway and pipeline easement that offers direct access to schools, buses and shopping. This green space holds a community garden, where co-op members can reserve a plot for a minimal annual fee.

Keegano is home to a diverse membership. Our members come from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, with broad representation of income levels, sexual orientation, family size, professional experience and worldview.

As a not-for-profit co-op, Keegano’s housing charges reflect operating and maintenance costs, which are typically below what one would expect to pay a landlord, rental company or bank for housing of similar quality. We understand that even this does not work for every budget, and we believe that one’s value to the community shouldn’t rest on the amount of money he or she earns, which is why Keegano offers subsidies to members who qualify.

Currently, we do not have any subsidies available, so we are able to accept applications only from potential members who are able to pay current standard rates. We are working on this, though, and we hope to be able to offer additional subsidies in the near future.